Instagram for Government | Trolls, Haters & Customer Service

08:00 am - 05/17/2018

@ Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

250 E Hackett Rd
Modesto CA  95358

Day 1: Instagram for Government

Our training goes beyond a conference or an orientation class. It's actual hands-on training aimed at making social media personnel proficient and effective at getting the agency's message out.

This training is two days of intensive training. The first day is Instagram for Government and the second day is dealing with Trolls, Haters & Customer Service.

We'll show you how to effectively use social media, and you'll learn new skills, tips and tricks to maximize your presence on Instagram.

Instagram has added 100 million users since April 2017. With the new features they're adding almost on a weekly basis, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular and widely used platforms this year.

Don't lock in on just Facebook and Twitter for your messaging. You need to be where your community is, and in most cases, it's Instagram.

• Security and Platform Settings
• Analytics
• Navigation of The Instagram Platform
• Hashtags Are Different on Instagram
• Creating Instagram Stories' Graphics
• Creating Infographics
• Creating Video For Instagram
• Creating User Interactive Content
• Instagram Live Video
• Video and Graphic Apps
• Third Party Instagram Graphics
• PSA and Content Strategy
• Instagram Best Practices
• Instagram Specific Tips & Tricks

Day 2: Hater, Trolls and Customer Service

Public safety and government is the focus in the media at every opportunity. Few things grab people's attention as much as controversy, negative interactions, and traumatic or violent incidents. At the nexus of these topics, are government organizations who are left to deal with the aftermath.

Adding to this is the access to social media by the public, which has created the new "soapbox." What used to be an in-person visit to the police station to complain about an officer's actions, is now a recorded video of part of the incident shouted out to billions of people.

-Facebook Security Settings
-Facebook Messaging Settings and Use
-Standardized Responses and Unified Messaging
-How To Box with Haters
-Trolls Are Like Hit-and-Run Suspects
-Taking The High Road
-Improving Your Reach
-Customer Service Tips

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